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    Published time:2018/01/06 15:47:11 

    While traveling in Europe, I often see many foreigners swarming and chatting around trash cans with ashtrays on the roadsides. It has become the conscious act of many citizens that cigarette butts do not fall. Recently, there have been many similar new-type garbage bins on the streets of Kunming, adding a bright color to the creation of a civilized city.

    According to the World Health Organization, cigarette butts are the most common garbage on the beach and can not be decomposed. Of the 6 trillion cigarettes a year, 4.5 trillion (75%) become rubbish. The chemicals inside the cigarette butts not only have a negative effect on the human body, but also are toxic to aquatic organisms. For a healthier body and a cleaner planet, stop smoking or reduce cigarette landing. Although a complete ban on smoking is unrealistic, small ashtrays on the street can lead to big civilizations. From a distance, it is a part of street hygiene and sanitation. From a distance, it is even more relevant to the well-being of human beings.

    Recently, Xi'an launched a boom in "cigarette butt does not fall and Xi'an is more beautiful." Beidaihe District in Qinhuangdao City also took the issue of controlling small cigarette butts as a breakthrough to promote urban governance as the main line and carried out " "activity. In Kunming, volunteers who pick up rubbish and cigarette butts are everywhere. However, the "cigarette butt revolution" can be further promoted and trash cans with ashtrays can be promoted. Measures such as propaganda and guidance and rewards and punishments can be taken to reduce the occurrence of cigarette butts landing. Spring City is more clean, civilized.