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    Published time:2018/01/06 15:46:00 

    Among the cross-border retail exports in Greater China in the first half of 2016, the total turnover of auto parts ranked the fourth place and the growth rate far exceeded other categories and became the champion of growth in Greater China. Yesterday, Global e-commerce pioneer "B" y debuted at the 2016 Guangzhou International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Exhibition and released the Development Report on Auto Parts Category of Greater China Cross-border E-commerce Retail Export Industry to share the cross-border e-commerce retail sales in China Development Status and Prospect of Auto Accessories.
    "B" y data show that China's auto parts sellers, mature markets in Europe and America not only consumer base, the growth potential is equally attractive, an average annual increase of more than 40%. The growth potential of the German market is particularly prominent, with an average annual increase of 62%.
    Zhou Haiying, general manager of "B" y Cross-border Trade Division in China, said that at present, automobile and motorcycle accessories categories are continuously releasing their growth potential and is expected to become a new impetus to the development of China's cross-border e-commerce retail export industries. .